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DynamicXsign  is the royalty-free image subscription service providing access to over three million sign industry-specific photos, vehicle templates, vinyl-ready graphics, illustrations and vehicle wraps all year for a low one-off annual fee. Get up to 50 high res photos, vectors and vehicle wraps each and every week. Download up to 200 vehicle templates each year
Subscription options

In New Zealand
Subscribe to the FULL-Access 12 month subscription and pay:
1. NZD549.00+GST via this
buy link using credit card or by purchase order with payment by invoice via the Contact here
2. Pay by bank direct credit instalments @ NZD55.49/month. Please contact Dynamic Graphics via the Contact
here so this option can be organised

In New Zealand call 0800 65 44 66

In Australia
Subscribe to the FULL-Access 12 month subscription and pay:
AUD399.00 paid via this
buy link using credit card. 
In Australia call: 1800 130 352 (8.00am - 6.00pm EST)

View the image subscription content here
DynamicXsign in bullet points: 
  • Over three million royalty-free images 
  • Over 9,000 vehicle templates from Europe, Asia and America
  • Vehicle templates updated monthly as new models are introduced 
  • Content has doubled in the past year at the very same low fee
  • Contains the work of professional photographers and illustrators, all tightly edited
  • Huge array of outstanding content - photos, vehicle templates, vinyl-ready vectors, metallics, vehicle wraps
  • Image content fully released for hassle-free commercial use
  • Download up to 50 images each and every week; 200 vehicle templates each year
  • Super high res photos - many up to 55MB
  • All downloads can be LARGE at no extra charge
  • Easily manage your subscription through really useful search features, lightboxes and history
  • It's a professional creative resource and ideas bank (you will turn to it for inspiration)
  • Save serious money (hundreds of dollars) over competing subscription servcies
  • No more need to buy photo credits at ever higher fees    

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Dynamic Graphics Ltd

World-wide call +64 63 78 96 99
In New Zealand call 0800 65 44 66
In Australia call 1800 130 352 (8.00am to 6.00pm EST)
World-wide fax +64 63 77 51 17
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